Google My Business is a free service that lists your business on Google Maps and when people are searching for businesses like yours in Google Search. All you need to setup your Business Profile is a Google Account.

Your Business Profile features your business name, web address, telephone number, address, and hours of operation. It will also feature a Google Map showing your business location as well as images and videos of your products / services.

You want to make sure to enter as much information as possible about your business:

• Phone number
• Business address
• Hours of operation
• Description
• Business category
• Website

Daylight GMB listing

Images / Video

According to Google, Business Profiles with images receive up to 30% more clicks to their website and 40% more requests for directions on Google Maps. If you have images and/or video that highlight your products or services, make sure to add them.

GMB Attributes

List your listing attributes by listing special amenities that you offer or highlights. Adding certain amenities such as free parking or free wi-fi can be helpful to customers.


Shortnames assign a short, easy to remember web address to your GMB page. Once you select a specific shortname, it will be displayed on your profile page.


Business Profiles will also feature customer reviews. Positive reviews will help improve the visibility of your Profile.

GMB Services

GMB Services is a relatively new feature of Google My Business. List each of your services for potential customers. People are able to see upfront what specific services you offer. You can provide a description for each service listed.

GMB services are useful for companies that offer a variety of services:

• Hair salons
• Web design companies
• IT companies
• Handymen

Adding services is completely optional.

GMB Posts

Increase your exposure on Google by adding a GMB Post. There are five different types of GMB posts: what’s new posts, event posts, offers posts, product posts, and “welcome offer” posts. Welcome offers are a special offer the business offers the visitor if they agree to “follow” you on GMB.

To add a post, simply go to the “posts” section of your dashboard (or app) and select add update, event, offer, or product. GMB posts are displayed prominently on both desktop and mobile search at the bottom of Google Search’s “Knowledge Panel”.

GMB 3 steps

Mobile App

You can use the GMB app to update your business listing on your phone. Keep your info up-to-date, upload photos and respond to customer inquiries all from your mobile phone. The App is available for both iPhone and Android.

The Google My Business app also lets you interact with customers via messaging. Reply to messages from customers who find your business listing on Google.

GMB Insights

Google My Business will also provide you with data that focuses on the level of customer engagement with your GMB listing. The Insights panel will show you a variety of different data points including how people search for and find your business, how many views your listing has, and the specific “Customer Actions”. Customer actions describe the specific customer engagement for visitors viewing your business listing.

The types of actions are:

• Visiting your website
• Direction Requests to your business
• Phone calls to your business
• Messaging/Chat

Discover the total number of times someone requests directions to your business, how many times customers call your business (through your GMB listing) and how many people view your listing’s photos and/or video.